Frequently asked questions

What are your rates?

Young Beginners (ages 3-6) Weekly 30-minute lesson. $35/lesson or $118 monthly in advance.
Older (age 7+) and/or with Piano Experience Weekly 45-minute lesson. $42/lesson or $144 monthly in advance. Weekly 1-hour lesson. $50/lesson or $175 monthly in advance.

What ages & levels do you teach?

Beginning and intermediate students ages 3 to 99.

How do I get started with lessons?

The best way to begin piano lessons is by calling Miss Nancy at 760-995-6886.

Do I need a real piano to practice on at home?

If you have the budget and available space, there's nothing like playing on a real piano. But an electronic keyboard is great too--all the different sounds make it fun to practice on, it doesn't take up as much room, and it doesn't need to be tuned.

How often does a piano student need to practice?

Practicing is the #1 most important thing when it comes to learning to play the piano well. Students who want to make good progress should plan to practice five days a week--15 minutes daily for young beginners up to 30 minutes or more for older/more advanced students.

What are the piano teacher's qualifications?

Miss Nancy has a lot of experience and training that contribute to her skill as a piano teacher: -16 years as a piano teacher for beginning and intermediate students -14 years as a preschool thru high school classroom music teacher. -Certified in Orff-Schulwerk music and movement education. -Trained in Kodaly method of music education. -Member of: -Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) -California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT) -American Society of Composers and Publishers (ASCAP)

10737 6th Ave., 

Hesperia, CA 92345


Phone: 760-995-6886 


Offering piano teacher and music teacher services in California to:  Hesperia, Victorville, Oak Hills, Apple Valley, Victor Valley, San Bernardino, Inland Empire.

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