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The Teacher

Hi, I'm Nancy Byron the piano teacher here at Hesperia Piano Lessons.  Young or old, beginner or experienced, my goal is to bring the joy and accomplishment of playing piano to students of every age.  I started giving piano lessons in Orange County in 2003 and continued after moving to the High Desert in 2017. I have also worked as a preschool to 3rd grade classroom music teacher and middle school and high school choir director. 

I am a member of Music Teachers National Assoc. (MTNA), California Assoc. of Professional Music Teachers, and American Society of Composers and Publishers (ASCAP). I am also certified in Orff music education for children and have trained in the Kodaly method of music education. 

I remember what it's like to be a kid learning piano. Here I am as a teenager a loooong time ago doing. . . guess what.


In-Home Studio


Piano lessons take place at my in-home studio in Hesperia, which is equipped with everything to help piano students learn quickly and efficiently: adjustable-height piano bench,  adjustable -height footrest, music education materials, visual aids, dry erase board with grand staff, flash cards, sheet music, piano method books, metronome, lots of reward stickers, and of course a piano. 

Parents are welcome to sit in on lessons. I am located at: 10737 6th Avenue; Hesperia, about a mile from the Hesperia Civic Center and library. 

Miss Nancy / Hesperia Piano Lessons / 760-995-6886

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